ACE National Strategy Framework for the United States

Now is the time to accelerate bold climate action

Welcome to the US ACE Community

Why an ACE Strategy?

An informed and active society is the most effective and equitable way to accelerate a just transition to a resilient, low-carbon future. Action for Climate Empowerment, as embedded in the UNFCCC Article 6 and Article 12 of the Paris Agreement, can accelerate climate action and advance people-centered climate policies through increasing public awareness, building local capability, enhancing information sharing, encouraging innovation and beneficial behavioral norms, and promoting ongoing engagement.

Every nation is called upon to develop an ACE national strategy in order to achieve their climate goals. The U.S ACE practitioners community co-created an ACE National Strategic Planning Framework for the United States during August 2020. The objective of this framework is to guide the completion of a national strategic plan in time for delivery at the 26th UNFCCC Conference of the Parties in November 2021.

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